How To Use Essential Oils:

Essential Oils are used in a wide variety of different ways. In fact, many of the ingredients found in our serums have been used for holistic and medical remedies for hundreds of years. They are used in Medicines, Foods, Soaps, Lotions, Health Products and even Vapors and Candles.

Depending on the Serum and ingredients it is formulated with, the oils will have a different purposes. They can be applied in different ways for different results.

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Step 1:

Drop 5-10 drops to create a puddle of KOMEGA6 oil on your hand


step 2:


Rub hands and inner wrists with oil. this helps the omega 6 oil quickly and effectively enter the pores  and blood stream. You can also softly rub oil into your temples, and back of the neck.

step 3:

For Focus factor rub oil into your wrists, arms, and face.

For Metabolic lift, massage oil into muscles that you are about to exercise.

For Recover, rub and massage the oil into areas of muscle stiffness, soreness, and fatigue. 

For Rest Easy, gently massage your temples with your fingers in a clockwise motion, and rub the back of your neck. 

step 4:

Cup hands around nose and inhale deeply for 5-10 deep, long and rhythmic breaths. Allowing the scents to breath into you conveying your desired mood.